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Blogs currently hosted by Web-lectric are: Cynics for a Better Tomorrow Blog

E-mail me at hipisabeth@web-lectric.com

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Payments for web design or hosting may be made through Paypal, via check or money order, or may be made online through Alertpay. I will accept payments through Paypal or other payment services which can "send to any email address". Please contact me and I will provide further details to send payment.


I have received the following awards for my websites:

Crafter Excellence Award Given to those homepages or websites that were "Crafted with Great Care" to ensure that all the elemental web threads were woven into a pattern that promoted cohesive caring, nurturing inclusiveness, and supportive sharing. Concepts, ideas, and information presented are easy to read and understand, while, journeyers can comfortably navigate the pathways.

Brightest Blessings,
Maureen Grace (Star Buffalo)

I participate in the World Community Grid using the unused time on my computer as a background process and screensaver allowing the unused portions of my computer to help with the computations to solve several major problems in the world today, such as curing cancer, disease, and hunger, and finding better, cleaner sources of energy.

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